The Walking Dead 9×08 mid-season finale: Who will The Whisperers kill first?

Spoilers for The Walking Dead 9×08 “Evolution” below. Jesus! — Fans of The Walking Dead have been dying to see The Whisperers for a very long time, and here they are in season 9. We first heard them in Episode 6, and they will be revealing it in the midseason finale, “Evolution.”


The synopsis says: “A small rescue mission braves a dangerous herd in their hunt for a missing comrade, only to discover a surprising threat that could doom them all,” according to AMC’s description of “Evolution.”

What will happen in “Evolution” episode? Who will The Whisperers kill first? Jesus, Aaron, Rosita or Eugene?

TWD 9×08 Evolution Spoilers:

Big thanks to source – MSF Q&A Episode 9.8 “Evolution.” Get your tissues ready.

1. Does Tara allow Magna’s group to stay?

Yes, but it could be only temporary. Tara tells them that Jesus has to make the final call.

2. Is there tension between Michonne and anyone at Hilltop?

Yes, particularly Carol. Apparently Ezekiel had written Michonne a letter imploring her to rejoin them and participate in the fair, but Michonne didn’t even bother to respond. Carol also pleads with her, but to no avail.

3. Is there anymore information or hints about the mysterious event that occurred over the time jump? Do we see if anyone else has a scar?

No, and no.

4. How is Henry acclimating to the Hilltop?

At first, he acclimates well. Earl takes a real liking to him and even invites him to dinner. Instead of going, Henry ends up partying with some other teenagers outside the walls. He gets completely wasted on moonshine and ends up in the Hilltop jail for drunk and disorderly conduct. Earl is disappointed, but says he’ll talk to Jesus when he gets back about getting Henry released early — as long as he promises never to pull a stunt like that again. Henry also has a little crush on Enid and gets a bit jealous when he discovers she’s with Alden.

5. What happens at the barn?

Thanks to Dog, Eugene is found. Eugene is completely hysterical. He says the walkers are evolving. He also claims that since he has holed up in the barn, that same herd he and Rosita encountered has passed by and circled back 3 times. Eugene is convinced they are looking specifically for him.

6. What’s going on back at Alexandria?

Because Michonne is away, Father G has been put in charge of looking after Negan. He’s not very happy about it, especially since he can’t go to Hilltop to be with the injured Rosita. Likely because Gabe is so preoccupied thinking about Rosita, he inadvertently leaves Negan’s cell unlocked. Negan escapes!

7. What kind of action do we see with the Whisperers? Are they revealed as humans?

The Whisperer herd isn’t behaving like a herd at all. While Jesus and Aaron help carry Eugene and try to make it back to the horses, Daryl stays behind and tries to divert the herd. He uses firecrackers and even Dog barking his head off, but nothing will cause them to change their course. The Whisperers finally reveal themselves at the end of the episode when Aaron, Jesus, and Eugene are cornered by the herd in a graveyard.

8. Does anyone get hurt or die? How?

Michonne, Magna, and Yumiko finally show up to help Aaron, Daryl, Jesus and Eugene in the graveyard. While everyone else is trying to break through an old, rusted gate to escape, Jesus tries to keep the walkers at bay with some slick sword and judo moves. It works for a while, but finally one Whisperer grabs Jesus, spins him around, and stabs him from behind all the way through his chest. When the Whisperer stabs Jesus he/she says, “You’re where you do not belong.” It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like it’s the same Whisperer from the opening minutes.

9. How does the episode end?

On a gigantic cliffhanger (rolls eyes). After Jesus is killed, everyone else goes to examine one of the dead “walkers.” They discover that the walker is really a person, but is wearing a zombie skin. Then, the Whisperer herd that had previously retreated starts to circle back towards them once again. You can hear them whispering things along the lines of, “They’re trapped.” “Let’s get them.” It’s super creepy!!!

Here’s a sneak peak for next week’s episode of The Walking Dead 9×08 titled “Evolution” on AMC next Sunday, November 25.