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The Walking Dead 9: Whisperers, Daryl’s own Shiva in Episode 7 ‘Stradavarius’ promo

We have already seen the first episode of The Walking Dead after long-time leader Rick Grimes’ disappearance. Following on from the twist ending of last week, the episode 6 tiltled “Who Are You Now?” continued the story with a 6-year time jump as Daryl, Michonne and Carol encounter a new group of survivors and have to decide whether these people can be trusted or not.

I’m actually really enjoying this new Walking Dead reboot. With only two episodes left before the mid-season finale, we are finally seeing the arrival of the most terrifying villain in the entire Walking Dead universe – The Whisperers. Also, the arrival of the group, comprised of leader Magna, is a great additional to the show.


The promo trailer teases the characters venturing off to new pastures, as well as a reunion of old friends, albeit in a dangerous environment.

Here’s a sneak peak for next week’s episode of The Walking Dead season 9 episode 7 titled “Stradavarius” New episode on AMC next Sunday, November 18.