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WATCH: PBB Otso star dreamer Sansan lambasted after calling bisexuals ‘kadiri’

Netizens criticized Pinoy Big Brother PBB Otso contestant and Star Dreamer Sansan Dagumampan for making an insensitive remark about the LGBTQ+ community, calling bisexuals “kadiri.”


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At the start of the video, the Star Dreamers were talking about bisexuals, members of the LGBTQ+ community who get attracted to both males and females.

The scene shows Star Dreamers Sansan and Missy sitting on the couch in the living room area, while Krist and Reign were on the floor in front of them.

Sansan was first to speak. She said, “Sobrang pogi ng lalaki tapos bisexual.”

Off-screen, a male Star Dreamer said, “Sayang.” The male Star Dreamer might be Ali, Achilles or Kurt, but it is not easy to know because the speaker cannot be seen.

Sansan looked at the male Star Dreamer who spoke and signaled that she agreed.

Missy then said, “Di naman, kasi kung bisexual, pwede babae.”

But Sansan cut her off, and declared, “Pero kadiri kaya.”

Missy stopped her by tapping her arm. She told Sansan, “Uy. Kung masaya sila dun.”

Sansan cut her off again and said, “Kadiri kaya yung pumapatol ka sa babae at sa lalaki.”

Krist and Reign looked uncomfortable with the conversation so they changed the topic to their audition process and their upcoming task.

Since Sansan is not yet an official housemate and still part of the Star Hunt Camp, she is one of the four Star Dreamers who will have the chance to become a PBB Otso housemate after winning their task. And the public votes will determine who will enter the infamous yellow house. Results will be announced this Sunday, December 2, 2018.

What can you about this kind of remarks from Sansan? Are you rooting for her? Will you vote for Sansan? Sound off in comments.